Between nature and sea


The island, located just in front of Stintino, extends for about 50km square and became in 1997 national park and in 2002 marine protected area.
For many years the Asinara, thanks to its isolated and not very accessible position, was the basis of a maximum security prison built in 1975 where they ended up bosses of the underworld, kidnappers and brigades.
You can explore the fascinating and mysterious island-park, where time seems to have stopped, embarking from the tourist port of Stintino or from the pier of the Anchor on motorboats or dinghies of authorized operators.
With organized excursions you can explore the island on horseback, by jeep, by bike or by train, admiring the beauty of its uncontaminated nature, its crystalline coves and the typical white donkeys.
Do not miss the Ossuary containing a large number of bones belonging to the Austro-Hungarians deported during the Great War.


The Caves of Neptune, or the Coves de Neptù as they are called in Alghero according to the Catalan tradition, take their name from the god Neptune, the marine deity of the ancient Roman civilization. The cave has always been a tourist attraction since its discovery, happened casually by a fisherman in the eighteenth century. It is accessible by sea (only if the marine conditions allow it) with the service of the Caves Line departing from the tourist port, or by land along the “Escala del Cabirol” (roe ladder), a stairway of about 660 steps ” excavated “on the ridge of the promontory.

Its length exceeds 3 km and a half but the visit develops in the first kilometer: its entrance is covered with green concretions and leads to a lake, 9 m deep, 25 m wide and 100 m long, called Lago La marmora, fed from the sea and made spectacular by the presence of stalactites and stalagmites.
All this is a spectacular scenery, in fact the Neptune’s Grottos are an inestimable asset of considerable beauty.


This stupendous promontory is located a few kilometers from our B & B and owes its name to the pigeon hunts that were made in 800 by the sea.

Having become a protected area in 2002, the Promontory of Capo Caccia Isola Piana is located in the territory of Alghero, including Porto Conte, Punta Giglio and Capo Caccia, which due to its height has a lighthouse visible many miles away.

Climbing by car you can admire picturesque landscapes, among the most beautiful in the area, such as the island of Foradada, the Porto Conte Park and the Gulf of Alghero.

From here, through nature trails that you can walk or even mountain biking, in the midst of its unspoiled nature, you will reach breathtaking panoramic places, with cliffs overlooking the sea, historic sites and observation points (bird watching).

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