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Historic city and renowned tourist center in the famous Riviera del Corallo, still retains the influences of the Catalan domination, also known as Barceloneta.
Here you can hear Catalan speaking and you will hear the Algherese speak in this language among themselves, noting also that Catalan is used on the signs of the streets and squares.
The geographical position and the sea view has led the city to be surrounded by huge walls on which walking today you can meet bars, restaurants, ice cream parlors and benches to enjoy the beautiful panorama that extends to the promontory of Capo Caccia.
The entire coast of Alghero boasts numerous crystal-clear beaches and a huge tourist attraction such as Le Bombarde, Lazzaretto or Maria Pia, which can also be easily reached from the city center thanks to numerous long cycle paths.
The park of Porto Conte, which has long become a protected area and marine protected area, will captivate you with its stretches of Mediterranean vegetation and its paths immersed in nature and passable on foot or by bike to fully experience the wild side of the island.

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If you are on this side of the island you can not help but travel this stretch of road about 50 km that connects Alghero to Bosa.

Given its inestimable beauty and its uncontaminated nature has been nominated to enter the Unesco humanitarian heritage.

Walking through it you can admire colorful cliffs overlooking the crystal clear sea and Mediterranean vegetation of all kinds.
Thanks to various stopping points you can spot the griffins that attract many tourists and enthusiasts from all over the world and photograph breathtaking views.


Located on the west coast of Sardinia, about 50km from Alghero, is part of the most beautiful villages in Italy.

The Sa Costa district will leave you enchanted with its colorful houses that stretch across the hill until you reach the foot of the Malaspina castle.
From the castle, reachable on foot or by car, you can admire all the poetics of the old town, with the Ponte Vecchio and the river Temo, the only navigable river in Sardinia that, running alongside the ancient tanneries, ends up directly in the sea.

Do not miss the opportunity to admire the ancient concepts, in which in the past were produced high quality leather.

Bosa is the main center of Planargia where you can fully experience the craft and food and wine tradition of this area, from the famous Malvasia, one of the most loved sweet wines in Sardinia and that is produced only in this area, coral jewelry, fabrics and yarns great value and the catch of his sea.
The enchanting surrounding beaches, such as S’Abba druche, Port Managu or Compoltitu complete the scenery of this coast where you can relax and admire beautiful sunsets.

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Castelsardo falls within the circle of the most beautiful villages in Italy.

Built around the castle of the Doria was an impregnable fortress for a long time. Going up following the mighty walls you will admire the observation towers and the majesty of the rocks on which it was built.

Inside you can visit many churches and museums of the Sardinian tradition as well as taste maritime dishes in the charming restaurants of the historic center.

Do not miss the beautiful museum of Mediterranean intertwining, one of the most visited; here you can admire many artifacts that were woven by hand using various natural fibers with unique craftsmanship such as lobster traps, for fishing lobsters, lobsters and other crustaceans, or Fassoni, mainly used for lake fishing or baskets of various kinds coming then to religious articles that were worked for recurrences or special events.

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