Bosa, Regnos Altos 2018

The festival probably dates back to 1847, when a child found among the ruins of the Malaspina castle, a wooden statue of the Madonna, probably of late-medieval origin, now exposed in a niche of the church in the castle.

The celebration of Our Lady of Regnos Altos occurs on the Saturday and Sunday of the second week of September and is an event much awaited by the Bosans, not only for the religious aspect, but also for that purely party and popular.

The procession with the Madonna accompanied by the confraternity and folk groups follows a path that climbs between the castle and the Cathedral of the Immaculate, passing through the medieval district of Sa Costa.

In the days before the party, the historic center, with all its streets, is decorated with branches, reeds and flags, thus creating an evocative and very beautiful environment to visit.

The women, on Saturday afternoons, in the alleys, in the open spaces and in the natural caves of the Sa Costa district, set up small altars decorated with flowers and filet lace on which are placed precious Madonna.

The vigil and prayers are accompanied by the festivities of the tables and outdoor shops of wine, Malvasia and simple gastronomic products.